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July 2014


Renowned grazier Dick Richardson in South Australia – 29, 30 and 31st July

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As a grazier, are you starting to question the value and merits of continually applying inputs into your grazing system? Fertiliser, chemicals and diesel do you know if they are returning your business a suitable return on investment?

Or perhaps, you have a fully developed, productive grazing system but as yet have not seen the same lifts in stocking rate, grass productivity and livestock performance as you expected to pay for your $ and time investment.

Or, you’re at a ‘fork in the road’ and you’re asking yourself “which way to go” – spend capital on inputs to drive my grazing businesses profitability or adopt a low cost, lower input approach.

If this is you, then you could well benefit from “A Date with Dick Richardson”…
and add some other low cost grazing tools to your ‘grazing management toolkit’ as well as ‘farm inputs’…

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