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November 2014

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Webinar – Basis – the basis of sound grain marketing

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Our Alliance Partner, Mecardo invites you to find out where the risk lies in the current grain market, and how to use basis analysis and derivatives to capture upside price opportunity.

  • What’s happening in the global grain market at the moment?
  • What’s the global and local price outlook and how is Aussie local basis tracking?
  • What sales strategies might be suitable in the current market?
  • How can you sell grain and still have exposure to price upside?

When grain yields are down, as in 2014, growers will no doubt try to maximise returns through savvy marketing. This is not about picking the top of the market, but knowing where your price compared to international markets, and having a view on where upside might come from. Importantly, it’s also about using the best tool to take advantage of this upside – which may not always be holding physical grain.

In this webinar, CHS’s Chris Brown will outline the CHS view of international markets and potential for price movements. Ag Concepts Unlimited’s Angus Brown will then look at current local basis, constructing sales strategies using basis in the current market and some of the tools for taking advantage of price upside.

  • When:   Thursday 6 November 2014 at 1.00pm AEDT – NSW, VIC, TAS (12.00pm – QLD; 12.30pm – SA; 10.00am – WA
  • Cost: This webinar is FREE. Non-Mecardo subscribers will receive a 3-month free trial to Mecardo ($75 value).
  • To register: Visit to attend the webinar.  Spaces are limited, so register early to avoid missing out!