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From Marginal to Mainstream

By April 1, 2016News

ProAdvice assists its clientele in many more ways than just tax compliance and business coaching!

The Marginal to Mainstream project brought together local landholders with the aim of improving productivity and grazing management.

ProAdvice secured the services of the ‘Grazing Guru’ Dick Richardson, and Elisa Sparrow helped with the coordination through Natural Resources & Murray Darling Basin.

Two Fleurieu Peninsula groups (Finnis and Kuitpo) were interested in how they could improve their grazing management, largely by ecological means and ecologically shift (improve) their country.

Two demonstration sites were set up – Finnis (Bradman) and Kuitpo (Stuckey). Five, half day seasonal on farm meetings were facilitated by local ProAdvice consultant, Chris Scheid

The primary constraint was achieving bang for buck from investment in pasture.

The outcomes of the year-long grazing demonstration sites were:

  • some ‘old ideas’ were busted (‘you can over graze and not harm country’);
  • grazing management practices altered (use of ‘pasture cages’ to assess recovery periods and when the pasture is ready to be grazed again);
  • new practices adopted (‘sabbath paddocks’ – 12 month spelling from grazing did ecologically shift country) and
  • ‘capacity building’ – the group has decided to continue on under their own steam.

Check out the following videos: