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A Better Farm Bu$iness By Your Design

By December 21, 2021March 8th, 2022News

You’re invited to register for a funded two and a half day Better Farm Bu$iness by Your Design (BFBYD) course for farmers within the Living Flinders, Goyders Line or BIGG footprint.


This short course will teach and show participants how easy it is to calculate a range of profit and financial indicators from taxation financials.

With the assistance of business coaches, you calculate your own businesses profit and financial indicators using your taxation financials – doing it, not just talking about how to do it!

Finally, in your peer boards, you compare your business to industry benchmarks, examine how your banker would assess your business using common financial indicators and create an action plan for real business change.


‘What’s in it for me and my business?”

  • Work out and truly understand your businesses ‘real’ profitability (ROA);
  • A clear pathway to improve your business – identify your businesses profit drivers – is it turnover, gross margins or overheads affecting your businesses profitability?
  • See your business through your Agri Managers eyes – what is required to obtain a lower interest rate or another loan to expand
  • Explore real changes to your business design that will increase ‘real’ profitability;
  • Shared wisdom from coaching/mentoring and from other like-minded producers who have already made changes and improved their business profitability.
  • Confidence to implement important decisions.


Workshop 1: Learn profitability principles, work through a (real) case study business together turning tax figures to real profit figures. As ‘consultant for the day’ learn what to do to improve the ‘case study’ businesses profitability.

Workshop 2: You will be coached, using your own taxation financials, to calculate real profitability indicators for your business.  (NB: your figures are not shared in any discussions)

Workshop 3: experience a real ‘business board’, both giving and receiving business assistance (and learning in doing both).  Go home with ‘real’ changes to make – not just talk about making changes.

There will be a cost of $250 per business (encouraging all family members to attend) to participate.

Workshop Options are:

  • Living Flinders – Burra (5th, 6th & 12th April 2022)
  • Goyder’s Line Project – Jamestown (5th, 7th & 13th April 2022)
  • BIGG – Angaston, Barossa Valley (2nd, 3rd & 9th May 2022)

You can register by clicking here