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A New Paradigm For Red meat

By April 3, 2020News

We’ve never been more uncertain about what’s ahead. Livestock markets were already facing unprecedented supply & demand conditions with significant rain on the eastern seaboard boosting prices, the threatening implications of the US-China trade deal and the shift in global protein trade flows as a result of African Swine Fever. And now, those “black swans” hardly register in the uncertainty of Covid-19.

While there is nothing predictable about the current situation, what we do know is that the agriculture industry will soldier on with the job. The farm won’t stop, and you’ll need to continue to make decisions to best position your business in the current and future market.

Robert Herrmann from Mecardo partnered with us recently to live stream a webinar, to provide an update on what these challenges and opportunities might mean for red meat producers. Click below to view this event.