ProAdvice has evolved through various mergers and acquisitions and the joining of new directors. The ProAdvice team have come together due to their collective vision of always putting our clients first.  Some members of our team have been working together since 1990 and more importantly most of our clients have been with us since this time.

At ProAdvice we are dedicated to providing integrated professional services to our clients. We always put our clients first and pride ourselves on delivering the best possible service. To ensure we deliver the best service, we operate in accordance to our key principles and values.

Our Key Principles:

  • Provide an integrated professional service.
  • We care for our clients.
  • Fee for service.
  • Annual retainers instead of hourly billings.
  • Attract the most talented staff and reward performance and loyalty with ownership
    and profit share opportunities.
  • Incorporate outstanding technical specialists and part time associates within the
    our service model.
  • Build strong commercial alliances to strengthen our competitive advantage.
  • Transparency in all relationships between clients, business partners and ourselves.

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Our Values:

  • Excellence – we aim for excellence in everything we do, delivering positive experiences for people.
  • Abundance – we think and act with an abundance mentality, nurturing strong alliances and partnerships for the benefit of our clients.
  • Integrity – we act in accordance with our values.
  • Leadership – We help people achieve what they could not achieve by themselves.
  • Family – The balance between work and family must be in favour of family.