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ProNet National Conference – 29th, 30th & 31st August 2018 – Registration Page

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ProNet National Conference

ProNet National Conference Event Registration Form
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Capitalising on Rainfall at Cavendish

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Point Vale

Ross & Colleen Lomas will lamb 3700 ewes this year at Point Vale, located east of Cavendish at the bottom of the Victoria Valley.

They operate with a deferred grazing system with approximately 90 paddocks on 1000 ha. Key points of the production system include:

  • Large mobs of sheep grazing small paddocks for a short period of time. Recovery period for the pasture is up to 90 days depending on pasture growth
  • Low input system with the primary supplement being trace elements.
  • Ground cover is left to allow an insulation effect on the soil, and to help increase organic matter and protect seedling pasture at the beginning of the season
  • Merino ewes are joined to a cross bred for a first cross lamb. Replacements are bought in, keeping the farming system very simple
  • Fencing is 3-5 wire electric, with attention to ensuring each grazing cell has excellent watering facilities.
  • Excellent sheep handling facilities, allowing for ease of operation and minimal stress on livestock.

Historically, Ross & Colleen managed a high input, high stocking rate system and made the change to a low input regime in 2008, following the dry years of 2006 and 2007.

They recently expanded their farm beyond the area above and are currently converting that land to cater for deferred grazing.

As the current season gets away to a slow start, they have ceased providing any supplementary feeding with enough paddock feed to support ewes on the point of lambing.


Photo taken one week post 26mm of rain in April 2018, whilst the previous photo was taken at the same location in early April prior to the rainfall event.


Quad bike

Rebates Available for Quad Bike Safety Upgrades

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Are you considering replacing your quad bike for a safer option or adding rollover protection to your bike?
Well if you farm in Victoria you are in luck, as rebates are available for up to $1,200 to purchase a safer vehicle or $600 to add rollover protection devices. You have until October 2018 to submit your application for the rebate, but get in early as once the allocated funds are exhausted the rebates will stop.  Following this link for more details.
This is great way to improve safety on your farm for your family and staff – well done to the Victorian Government for such a great initiative, if you know of other states providing similar services, why not share it here……

Greg Andrews Dohne Ram

Sheep Sales are Underway & Our Clients Are Hitting The Headlines!!

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We love celebrating the successes of our clients, well done to Greg Andrews from Hamilton Run in setting the record sale price at the Global Dohne Conference, read about that here.

And best of luck to the Kellock family with their upcoming sale this week, read more about that here.

Greg Andrews Dohne Ram

Above: Stud advisor Gary Tretheway, BKB South Africa, with Jose M Gutierrez M, Chile,who paid $20,000 for this 2013 drop ram from Greg Andrews, Hamilton Run Dohnes, Jamestown.

Below: Stephen and Peta Kellock, Kelvale stud, Keith and their children Jessica and Bradley at the Australian Sheep & Wool Show at Bendigo.

Kellock Family Stephen & Peta


Don’t Miss Your Chance to Hear Brendon Smart at the ProNet National Conference

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Brendon Smart from the Smart Group, runs a 5,000ha property in Keith South Australia.  Brendon will provide insight into ‘successfully working with the next generation’, which the Smart Group have been actively working on for the last 20 years.  This has been achieved by firstly deciding to change the way the business managed people, introducing a quality management program and providing more responsibility and autonomy to staff.  The Smart Group also established a family board, with a mix of independent directors and family members.  The board is similar to that of any major public company with reporting requirements and the like in place.  Brendon believes that no family business is sustainable unless you have a sustainable family.  You can read more on the Smart Group here or click here to register your spot at the ProNet National Conference.

Quadbar 1_0

Farm Safety

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By Lachlan Polkinghorne

Have you ever been lectured to about farm safety?  Statistics published recently show us that it is one of the most dangerous occupations – incredible isn’t it.  Such a sedate activity yet seemingly so dangerous.

I have a relative who is an experienced pilot. At one time he travelled the country providing briefings to other pilots on the subject of safety. The causes of aircraft accidents always interest me, particularly as I fly commercially regularly. The common factor in all accidents is that there is always a combination of factors which lead to the accident – it is not just one single event. Lack of preparation, change in weather events, pilot running late and hurried, too much weight, poor personal judgement, too much air in the fuel lines – all factors which if combined, can lead to an accident.

Farming accidents are the same. Many years ago I was a witness and active participant in a tractor rollover. We all lived to tell the tale but incorrect ballast, incorrect hitch, and some inexperienced operators combined to produce a spectacular result – it all happened very quickly as accidents do. It is the system and environment which sets up the accident.

There is a certainty in all of this. OHS is going to become a compliance requirement. Just as most of us are required to submit a tax return and substantiate our financial information, farmers will be required to submit an annual audit of OHS systems in their businesses.

join our team 2

Senior Accountant, Business Advisor, Client Pleaser, Strategic Thinker!

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Would you like to work for a company that does things a little differently?
Are you stuck in a job with a glass ceiling?
Do you like to work in a vibrant team?
Do you aspire to be a partner in a financial services company?
Do you like working in accounting and advisory, yet seek that something that is out of the norm of the industry?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above ,read on…..

ProAdvice is on a journey and growing fast.
We are seeking a new Senior Accountant to join our team. We do things a little differently here, we are not stuck in time and we love to embrace change.
We are vibrant and have a multicultural team and are looking for a new team member who aspires to be a partner and lives our accounting world outside of the stereotype.

This is your chance to be part of something amazing and to put your own signature on an exceptional team. If you want to know more, here are the details:

Who you are:

You will work alongside one of our Executive team who is a leader himself, and is recognised as a mentor within and outside of the firm. Feeding off his wisdom while supporting with your organisational skills will be a great combination.

We  know you will be qualified with industry qualifications such as CA or CPA, and that you will be well experienced in compliance accounting. But these only provide the base for the job.

You will hit the ground running, and immediately take up the responsibility of working with a unique group of clients. Confidence, combined with a drive to help expand the company is what we seek. Your people skills will be vital to your success.

Your ambition will be a great asset. You can join a group of next generation leaders by picking up some wisdom from the current set, then sending them on their way.

Developing new systems and being prepared to change is a big part of this job. But that is easy compared to the challenge of bringing others on the journey. You will be able to show others the benefits of new ways of managing the business. Imagine yourself training some of our younger team.

It will be important  for you to be familiar with the common accounting packages such as Xero and MYOB. But it goes further than this, if you can combine compliance with management accounting, that will put you at the top of the list.

If you are not able to produce a set of financial accounts, and are not well experienced in compliance accounting, then this job is not for you.  You will be advising clients on how they can grow their businesses and how they can best meet their own challenges.


A little about us:

ProAdvice Pty Ltd is a company which provides business coaching and compliance accounting to a large range of clients. We do focus on building the business capacity of our clients, not just ‘doing’.  We have a long history in education. Each year, we provide an annual conference, and a number of regional seminars to educate and promote success stories.

No, it is not a company encrusted by +60 year olds. And if you are worried about gender balance, more than fifty per cent of our staff are female. Yes, some of the staff have been with the company since its inception in 2005 and we are looking for some new blood. This is  a great opportunity.

We are a family flexible company. Of course, this works both ways. When there is a bubble of work then there is only one option, but we also know that family is the first priority for many people.

Geelong is a great place to live with many choices. Forget the high cost of real estate in the big smoke. You can enjoy the inside view of Corio Bay and a range of suburbs with near proximity. You can attack the surf at Jan Juc or Ocean Grove, al of which are close to  our office. Perhaps some of the growing satellite towns such as Moriac, Bannockburn, or Inverleigh are appealing. And, the range of education choices for children is only limited by your budget.

So congrats if you have read through to this point and if you have a smile on your face, you know you need to apply for this position ASAP. Make the trip down the highway to sunny Geelong, bring your surfboard, bikes and family.

Send us your CV and cover letter and we’ll speak to you soon.


PIRSA “Dairy Recovery & Concessional Loans”

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By Chris Scheid.


Hi MG suppliers,


Below is the link for PIRSA “Dairy Recovery & Concessional Loans”.  To get to the core bits for you:

For “Drought Concessional Loans” start at Part A

For “Dairy Recovery & Concessional Loans”, start at Part B (page 28)


“Dairy Recovery & Concessional Loans” – eligibility:

  • supplier of MG (or Fonterra)
  • have borrowed up to 50% of ‘eligible debt’ (securitised debt to bank/processor)


“Dairy Recovery & Concessional Loans” – what can you use it for:

  • debt restructuring (eg creditors, term loans), new debt, productivity enhancements, operating expenses (eg employed labour, creditors but ‘operating expenses’ up to a limit – eg not owners labour) a combination of each –


“Dairy Recovery & Concessional Loans” – assessment criteria:

  • demonstrate repayment capacity and commercial viability (these are the antithesis and these tight assessment conditions by PIRSA caught many SA graziers out for Drought Concessional loans such that we have only had $3.7m of $60m drought concessional loans allocated with the scheme finished now 30/6/16  ie PIRSA thought graziers were (too) commercially viable, so no concessional loan OR they thought graziers were not commercially viable enough (ie could not repay debt even with the concessional loan) and so no drought concessional loan
  • securitised debt


“Dairy Recovery & Concessional Loans” – Features:

  • Pay up to a max $1m eligible debt (eg $3m of eligible – securitised – debt x 50% concessional loan = $1.5m but maximum concessional loan $1m);
  • 10 years (1st 5 years interest only, then P&I); interest at (today) 2.71%;
  • Security – registered mortgage over land (your bank maybe OK to give away the security + debt now but consider that asking them to take debt and security back in 10 years time is like another ‘loan application’ in their eyes)
  • Lodgement date – open ended but ‘first come, first served basis’


No doubt the SA Rural Financial Counselling Service will be there to support SA dairy farmers with application assistance


Hope that is of some help.

See many of you during the upcoming Dairy Farm Monitor data collection






Digital Agriculture – the next revolution

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By Jane Chopping

At the recent Digital Disruption In Agriculture conference hosted by the Australian Farm Institute it was proposed that digital agriculture will be the next revolution for the agricultural industry.  With this new era comes a new language and ‘jargon’ to learn, as well as learning how to use the new technology and incorporating it into activities and decision making.  Digital advancements are being made in all areas of agriculture from improving recording for QA, to mapping and analysing land use and crop performance, to using sensors to monitor and manage water, weighing stock by satellite or keeping them in with virtual fences, to improving sales and purchases transaction and recording financials.  Of course along with the gains comes a new set of problems to overcome, such as how to store the information, how to use the information in ways that enhance productivity and profitability, who owns the data and more importantly who has access to the data and what can they do with it.

The conference showcased some impressive advancements made by the Australian Centre for Field Robotics (ACFR) who have developed robots that can conduct crop surveillance, map soil and crops, count flowers or fruit within the orchard, and spray individual weeds.  These robots can operate for up to 21 hours straight on solar and battery power, before recharging under sunlight, picking up where they left off.  Other robots can round-up livestock and conduct health checks in the paddock!! check out this clip and this clip to see more.

The benefits of all of this technology means that farmers will change from managing the paddock or herd as an average to managing by the square meter or individual animal, and therefore create efficiency gains.  The additional data will allow farmers to make more informed decisions on better analysis and overall the theory is that farmers will have more time to think and focus on other things.

Deciding which new technology will be right for you will be challenging with so many options on the market, the following is adopted from Tim Neale from Precision Agriculture, and is a useful guide for decision making, – Keep in Mind the 6 C’s:

  • Costs – will it prevent loss or reduce inputs?
  • Convenience – does it make the job easier?
  • Compliance – does it satisfy QA requirements?
  • Capacity – will it help do more with less?
  • Complexity – is it easy to use?
  • Champions – is there good external support to help implement and service and is there good internal support to lead the change?