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Kathy Henry, “Woodrising”, Cressy, TAS

By May 14, 2012June 20th, 2012ProNet Rural Business Network

“Rob and I would like to congratulate all the PA staff  on the successful conference in Melbourne.  I found the format to be very friendly and relaxing, not at all intimidating and the smaller group was excellent and allowed for some great networking opportunities.  The information sessions by the Professionals were very relevant and the information presented brought us up to date with the latest thoughts on the “meltdown”.  I feel the scope of experience and knowledge of the PA members is an extremely valuable resource available to this group and it should continue to be tapped into at every possible opportunity.  Finally, the Board Sessions continues to be a very powerful tool available to all of us involved with PA, the Melbourne session was one of the best I have been involved with.   I would encourage everyone to mark the date of the next conference in their diary NOW and make every effort possible to attend, you won’t be disappointed.”