Monday 3rd November 2014 – Cooma NSW – Cooma Flyer

Wednesday 5th November 2014 – Orbost Vic  – Orbost Flyer

Thursday 6th November 2014 – Stratford Vic 

Friday 7th November 2014 – Perry Bridge Vic  – Perry Bridge Flyer

Please note the Perry Bridge event is a Master Class, participants need to have completed the ‘Date with Dick Richardson’ event prior to attending.

This day is designed to provide you with useful and practical information that can be easily applied to your business.  Join us for a date with Dick Richardson and discover how to:

Make more with less cost through:

  • Increased pasture utilization
  • Increased pasture growth
  • Increased duration/season

Make better informed decisions:
When to use diesel, fertilizer, chemicals and when to use lower cost ecological tools

Sharpen your grazing management reflexes:

  • React positively by making good early management decisions e.g. lessons learnt from early spring finish 2012

Learn new methods:

  • The role of priority grazing, landscaping and Sabbath paddocks
  • ‘STAC’ Method of feed budgeting, no calculator, no paper, no pens
  • Feel your ecology, be in touch with what you livestock, plants, weeds and soil are telling you