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That’s A Wrap!, for the Pronet Webinar Series

By August 26, 2020September 1st, 2020News

The Pronet Webinar series was launched as an abridged version of the Pronet National Conference, and although it is not the quite the same as being together in person, we were still able to provide clients the opportunity to participate in professional development and stay up to date on important matters impacting their businesses.  We have been delighted to have over 340 people participate in the webinar series, which covered an array of topics during August.  Below is a summary of the events and where possible we have provided links to recordings, slides and key take home messages….

Week 1 – Returning to work on the family business

Lachlan Polkinghorne facilitated a panel discussion with some next gen farmers on their decision to return to work in the family business.  Even before the legal matters of succession are considered, how do people fit in and what lured them back to the family business as opposed to continuing in their careers?

The panel included:

  • Jamie Taylor
  • Jo Williams
  • Jeremy Lush
  • Thomas Botterill

Week 2 – Economic Outlook

With the world in the grip of a health pandemic and many economies struggling to the point of recession, what will this mean for our investments?  Join Charles Gabriel from Morgans to hear his views on the future of global investments.  Other questions we have posed for Charles include:

– What will the Government and Federal bank’s injections into the currency and equity markets mean for the future?

– How do people manage risk and return in investment strategies during these times?

– What are some companies and sectors that currently look attractive?

– What are some companies and sectors to avoid at this time?

Week 3 – Being Resilient in Uncertain Times

The all-time cricketing great Justin Langer presented his views on being resilient in uncertain times.  It was Justin Langer who stood tall in the midst of the ‘sand-paper-gate’ which at the time was a major crisis plagued with uncertainty for the players, the Board and Australian Cricket as a whole.  It was through Justin’s leadership that the team found their way back into the hearts and minds of Australians.  Justin’s presentation was an entertaining and thought provoking one, his passion for people, leadership and cricket was felt through our monitors.  We cannot share the recording publicly, however we have provided some key take home messages from the presentation.

Week 4 – Commodity Outlook

With some unrest in the relationship of our major trading partner China, what does the future of the commodities markets look like?  Rob Hermann of Mecardo shared his views on the future of sheep meat, beef, grain, and wool.  Other questions we posed for Rob included:

– What has been the play out with historical global economic shocks in Australian red meat and grain markets?

– Will the wool price recover or is the current pricing the new normal?

– Can domestic consumption in red meats and grains fill any shortfall from global demand fluctuations?

Here is what participants had to say about the Pronet Webinar Series…

Team, Thank you so much…….that was brilliant!
As a cricket tragic and growing up following that bunch of cricketers, Justin Langer was always at the top of my favourites.
I got so much out of that hour! It’s made my day, my week, my year.

Amazing, thanx.

Got to say love the evening webinar over a glass of wine!

Well organised, well facilitated and a good contemporary topic.

thanx for the webinar team. Couple of key points for me…Start framing the terminology of future discussions eg. “Fair rather than equal.” And the importance of keeping people “ the circle".

I really enjoyed the webinar tonight. I think this type of concept (a panel of skilled people) is an underutilized resource in the Proadvice community. Well done and thanks for organizing it.