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Livestock Enterprise Planning Program

By October 4, 2020November 25th, 2021News

All sessions are now full.

ProAdvice have been contracted to deliver a Livestock Enterprise Planning (LEP) program, this is one of PIRSAs $7.5m Red Meat & Wool Growth Programs, an opportunity for experienced livestock producers and the next generation of livestock producers (e.g. sons/daughters planning to/returned to the farm, farm employees).

The benefits to you of attending “Livestock Enterprise Planning?” (and for ‘young gun’ livestock producers of the future in your business):

  • Access to Leading Industry Livestock Technology advisors.
  • Farm business management assistance and advice.
  • Truly understand your business – 3 key profit drivers (Turnover, Gross Margin and Overhead ratios) and how to improve business profitability;
  • See your business through your banks eyes.
  • Obtain a clear business direction that will clarify which business opportunities to pursue.
  • Learn how to manage risk.
  • Completion of a ‘Farm AgTech Adoption Plan’ – this gets you access to the ‘Livestock AgTech Adoption Plan $s Incentives’ which maybe useful for;
    1. Your further training and professional development
    2. Engagement of a relevant service provider to assist you to implement an action(s) arising from your ‘Farm AgTech Adoption Plan, OR
    3. Directly purchasing eligible technology, training, consultancy or advisory services that will drive your businesses productivity/operational efficiencies into the future.

Delivered in a 1 day workshop at a nominal cost ($100+GST per business) to cover catering and venue hire:

  • 30th November 2021: Keith
  • 1st December 2021: Strathalbyn
  • 10th February 2022: Clare
  • 16th February 2022: Adelaide
  • 23rd February 2022: Cleve

For any of the above please enquire now at

*We are mindful that workshop dates may change with little notice due to Federal/SA Government restrictions as a result of COVID19.

As we are all short of time here is your quick way to respond…

  1. Like to register an “Expression of interest (EOI)”?   Simply email with ‘EOI’ (+ your contact details) and I’ll give you a call.
  2. Unsure, but like to know more?  Simply reply email ‘please call me’ (+ your contact details) and I will arrange a suitable time to call you.

The “Livestock Enterprise Planning” is a unique opportunity to take your livestock business into the future – if you wish, with the inclusion of family and employees.

Like all that we do at ProAdvice, it promises to be rewarding for all those who attend, or your money back!

Why not ‘reply’ now – it is only 1 more minute of your time?

Click here for more information on this exciting program.