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Is your Farm Production Strategy Inline with Peter’s Weather Forecasts?

1pm AEST 3rd July 2014

An online seminar for NSW, Vic, SA and Tas graziers and croppers.  Peter Ridge has established his own scientifically based weather forecasting service using many of the Bureau of Meteorology’s own statistics.  Hear Peter Ridge discuss his 2014 weather forecasts for your area and find out how they are likely to impact on your livestock and crop production plans.

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About Peter Ridge:

Peter Ridge’s career includes eleven years with the Department of Agriculture in Victoria followed by ten years as an independent consulting agronomist in Victoria where he worked with 150 grain-growers in the southern Mallee and the Wimmera. His advice focussed on the efficient use of water through the cropping system, and was, in part, based on monitoring soil water reserves with a neutron probe. He then moved to Queensland to work with the joint DPI/CSIRO Agricultural Production Systems Research Unit (APSRU). There he worked on projects with Roger Stone who developed the SOI (Southern Oscillation Index) phase system of seasonal forecasting. Soon after he joined Frank Delahunty to establish DIRT Management which oversaw the operations of the Warakirri Agricultural Trusts. He retired from full-time work in 2007 but still maintains an interest in improving seasonal forecasts. This stems from his initial work with Roger Stone in Queensland in the 1990s but has now been extended to include cycles that appear to be linked to changes in the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO).