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Our Alliance Partner, Mecardo invites you to find out what’s in store for cattle markets, and the opportunities in the market at the moment.


  • Where is the current market in the context of the Australian cattle cycle?
  • What factors will drive the cattle market in the short- to medium-term?
  • What’s the outlook for cattle prices?
  • What opportunities are there in the current market, and what do these mean for you?


We’ve been saying for a while now that the cattle market is set to go, but waiting for the rain.  Well, now it’s come (at least in some areas), the market has reacted.  But what will happen from hereon in?  And how can you take advantage?


In this webinar, Mecardo’s Augusto Semmelroth and Angus Brown will look at the Australian cattle cycle and other key drivers of the current market; the outlook for different cattle prices; and trading opportunities for making the most of this current market. This webinar follows, and will build on, the recent release of Meat & Livestock Australia’s cattle industry projections.


  • When: Thursday 5 February 2015 at 1.00pm AEDT – NSW, VIC, TAS (QLD – 12.00pm; SA – 12.30pm; WA – 10.00am)
  • Cost: This webinar is FREE. Any non-Mecardo subscribers who have not previously had a free trial will also receive a 3-month free trial to Mecardo ($75 value).
  • To register: Visit to register to attend the webinar.  Spaces are limited, so register early to avoid missing out!