Working With Sums

By November 25, 2013 News

This article recently appeared in the Hamilton Spectator and was written by Katrina Weatherly.


Accounting is thousands of years old with the earliest records in Mesopotamia dating back more than 7,000 years ago.

People of that era relied on primitive accounting methods to record the growth of their crops and herds of animals. Accounting evolved, improving over the years, and advancing as business advanced. Today accounting is called ‘the language of business,’ and is regarded as the vehicle for reporting financial information about a business entity to many different groups of people.

 In Hamilton, two young professionals have invested their careers in providing accounting and rural consulting services.

Kerry Turnbull, an accountant and Manager of the ProAdvice Hamilton office is a farm girl from Wycheproof which lies halfway between Melbourne and Mildura. The family farm is operated by her parents, but it was her grandfather who first established a successful Border Leicester stud which is prominent in sheep breeding circles today. Cropping is also an important part of the family business.

 But it was Kerry’s interest in the business side of farming which had led to her career as an accountant. Fully qualified as a Certified Practising Accountant, she has forgone the attractions of the bigger cities, and moved to Hamilton to further her career. As an indicator of her commitment to the local community, Kerry has recently purchased a house in town and is enjoying the local lifestyle.

 ‘It is important to follow your interests at work. I am lucky I can combine my interest in farming with accounting, and now I am finding that my clients include many non farming businesses’

 Chris Warrick has followed a different career path, and provides a valuable role as a rural business advisor. Chris was also brought up on a farm near Horsham. He retains strong links to the family farm. Following his tertiary training with Marcus Oldham College, he initially took up a career with the widely recognised Kondinin Group. Joining ProAdvice in 2011, he now works with clients in Victoria and in the South East of South Australia

 ‘I enjoy the challenge of rural consulting. Managing a farming business is challenging and there is nothing more rewarding than helping people to improve their bottom line’

 Supported by an experienced and well-resourced team, these two young leaders bring new and fresh ideas. ProAdvice is a company which departs from the traditional accounting norm. Looking forwards in business, not backwards is a key to providing the right service in a timely manner. Accounting, business coaching rural advisory and education are amongst the many services that clients utilise.

 Working with a network of clients across Southern Australia, ProAdvice emphasises the need to have the right mix of expertise under the one roof. Kerry says

 ‘The days of the one man accounting firm are gone. With the complexities of the tax system and the demands of business, clients need quick access to a team of people with complementary skill sets’

 ProAdvice has recently moved to a new larger premises in in the old Medicare building in Gray St. You can find Kerry and Chris here and they will be happy to help with the many challenges facing family business today. Whilst accounting is thousands of years old, it is never too late to develop new ways and new methods of providing advice to help families meet their goals.